I'm Sheila, an engineer versed in the human-centered design process to translate user needs into realizable solutions. Driven by curiosity and ambiguity, I create simple, intuitive experiences for products that people both can and want to use. User experience is what differentiates products, interfaces, and services to maintain a competitive advantage.

I graduated from Northwestern University with an MS in Engineering Design Innovation (Human-Centered Design). I also graduated from the California Institute of Technology with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

My interests broadly include: social impact, education, healthcare, global health, medical devices, and design for accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

I like running

I started running 5Ks in 7th grade shortly after watching Forrest Gump and haven't stopped running since. In high school and college, I ran on my schools' cross country teams. I've raced anywhere between 800 m in high school and full marathons in undergrad and grad school. Most recently, I ran the Hong Kong Marathon in February 2019.

I like traveling and photography