Draw Bench September 2015 - November 2015
Mechanical Design


As part of MECE08011: Mechanical Engineering Design 2A, I designed a single-machined lead screw draw bench to manufacture tapered nickel silver tubing.

Render of draw bench assembly


For this project, students were required to design a draw bench that consisted of a single-machined lead screw and a chain drive. The maximum outer diameter desired for the finished tubing was 22 mm with a wall thickness of 0.5 mm. The final length was to be 800 mm, achieved in 3 minutes.


Given desired specifications and constraints, I did calculations in Mathematica to determine the maximum load required to form the nickel silver tubing before failure, confirm a factor of safety so that the lead screw will not fail, and conclude the power required for a motor to meet the requirements. From the calculations, I then selected commercially available parts that fulfilled the requirements to design a functional draw bench in Solid Edge.

Final Design

I received a 74 (A3) for my draw bench design. Highlights of the design can be seen at this link.

Closeup of die case, lead screw, and rail guide

Closeup of tubing clamp