Formula SAE Electric 2016 January 2016 - June 2016


As part of the student-led Caltech Racing team, we designed and built Caltech’s first entry to the Formula SAE Electric 2016 competition.

My Role

On the Systems Engineering team, I worked on rules compliance, test procedures, and lab safety. We reached out to experienced FSAE teams to gauge the different tests they performed on their cars prior to competition. From there, we came up with a list of the tests we wanted to do. We then wrote up test procedures and acquired the necessary equipment. These efforts culminated in a Mock Technical Inspection in which we invited our technical advisers, previous FSAE judges, and other teams to showcase their cars at Caltech.

Team photo at Mock Technical Inspection

As the designs progressed, we also ensured rules compliance by meeting with the engineers responsible for each component of the car. Another project I completed on Systems Engineering was assembling three first aid kits for our work spaces and installing an AED in our lab.

On the Business team, I designed plaques to be rastered and cut in-house in our machine shop, ordered t-shirts and button down shirts for the team, and created renders of our car using KeyShot and PhotoView 360.

Team photo during all-team meeting

Render of Caltech Racing's car