Wishing Well May 2014 - June 2014
Mechanical Design


As part of ME 14: Design and Fabrication, students self-selected a final project to demonstrate proficiency in the design process, from initial design to final prototype. My group was inspired to make a functional wishing well prototype after seeing a DIY wishing well created from milk cartons.

Wishing well CAD


We wanted to keep our wishing well prototype simple while designing so that we would use all the machines we became familiar with during the past term. Since we wanted to make a functional wishing well prototype, we designed a ratchet and pawl to keep the bucket in place when an individual stops turning the hand-crank; the spring-held pawl could be released to again lower the bucket.

Closeup of ratchet and pawl

Both the ratchet and pawl were created on the water jet. We cut the pieces for the walls and roof of the wishing well on the laser cutter. The brick design was made in SolidWorks and rastered using the laser cutter. The rods and bobbin were machined on the lathe while the angle of the roof was cut on the mill.

Final Design

Final wishing well prototype